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JAMDECK is an organic music sketchpad
for capturing brilliant ideas quickly.
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Instant Live Looping

Build ideas quickly with a simple workflow.

Hand-Picked Instruments

Carefully selected and tweaked for broad sounds.

MIDI Hardware Support

Connect any MIDI keyboard or pad controller and jam.

Always Exported

All your jams are saved as MIDI and WAVE.

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Instant Jam Sessions

JAMDECK drops you right into the action to quickly capture those magic moments.

With a broad range of instruments always at your fingertips and an intuitive workflow, JAMDECK lets you be spontaneous too. The built-in Loop Recorder lets you easily record and layer an unlimited number of loops of up to 32 beats in length.

Whether you just feel like freestyling or want to lay the foundation of your next track, JAMDECK is always easy to pick and play.


Whether you just want to lay down beats quickly or rough out melodies, JAMDECK gets the job done faster than ever before.

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With a distraction-free workflow, JAMDECK turns the focus back to pure melody and the joy of songwriting.

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"A near perfect tool for getting ideas
down without a lot of fuss."

- Steve Estes, Singer & Songwriter

Get into the groove with JAMDECK

A Workflow with Flow

Record audio and MIDI loops without breaking a sweat. The JAMDECK Loop Recorder is a powerful creative tool for writing songs.

Layer melodies and quickly build up the heart of a song with a workflow that's less work and more flow.

An instrument browser overlay makes it fast to swap instruments or recording sources on-the-fly. Go from beatboxing to synth solo in seconds.

Make Beats

Make Beats with JAMDECK

With ready-to-go drum kits and loop recording, making beats with JAMDECK is a cinch. And it works even with your computer keyboard - no controller required.

Create without Interruptions

Instant Live Looping

JAMDECK is built on a live looping workflow with a recorder that captures MIDI and audio simultaneously. Loops can be dubbed over or copied to stacks called Ideas.

Always Exported

All your jams are always saved to MIDI and WAVE formats. Better yet, MIDI can be directly dragged out of JAMDECK and into most popular DAWs. Learn more.

MIDI Hardware Support

Plug in any USB MIDI keyboard or drum pad controller and turn it into a live looping workstation. Just plug in and jam!

Hand-Picked Instruments

Featuring four collections of instruments, JAMDECK puts a broad range of sounds at your fingertips with a brand new instrument browser.

Jam Essentials

27 high-fidelity sampled instruments including pianos, orchestral instruments, synths, and more.


Seven presets from the pristine, classic flagship synthesizer from Oscillicious, for mellow electronic sounds.

Analog Extracts

Five sampled sounds designed with an analog modular synthesizer bring quirky tech noises to JAMDECK.

Drum Kits

Includes five meticulously tweaked drum kits from producer Carlo Carosi for electronic and acoustic beat making.


Integrated Environment

JAMDECK comes equipped with everything you need to start making music instantly.

Live Looper

32-beat live looper with overdubbing.

39 Built-in Instruments

Pianos, synthesizers, orchestral, drum kits, and more. Includes built-in SodaSynth engine and Analog Extracts sounds.

29 Drum Loops

Covering a range of different styles. Kickstart your jams with a beat.

Mastering Engine

Brand new mastering presets add character to your jams.

MIDI Controller Support

Jam with a MIDI keyboard or pad controller.

External Recording

Record loops from your microphone, guitar, or anything you can plug into your soundcard.

Freestyle Recorder

Non-stop, automatic recording.


Runs on both Windows and Mac OS X.

DAW / MIDI Export

Drag and drop MIDI export to Ableton Live, Logic Pro, REAPER, GarageBand, and more.

Share on SoundCloud

Send your ideas to your friends with SoundCloud upload.

Session Saving

Save and load your jam sessions, plus all your loops are rendered to MIDI and WAVE.

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