JamDeck for Songwriters

When you're seeking inspiration, the right instrument can be just as important as your state of mind. The feeling you get when you sit down at a piano and close your eyes gives you a sense of how central to the songwriting process an instrument can be.

Does a Digital Audio Workstation give you that same feeling?

JAMDECK takes a different approach, combining the simplicity of a real instrument with the advantages of software, to create a new songwriting experience.

Feels like an Instrument

JAMDECK is designed to be easy to pick up and play like a real instrument. It lends itself to the same spontaneous jams and quick experimentation that you get by picking up a guitar. Better yet, it captures audio and MIDI of your jams, so when you strike gold, your melodies are already in a format ready to be edited and produced further.

It's as much about saving you time as it is about giving you new ways to create. By experimenting in JAMDECK, you save yourself transcribing ideas manually, and with the Loop Recorder always at your disposal, it's easy to build up harmonies quickly.


The Zone. Feeling the Flow. Getting your Rhythm. It's that feeling of concentration that nurtures creativity. JAMDECK can help you get there.

With dozens of instruments only a click away, and a workflow that keeps you moving forwards, JAMDECK puts all the pieces together in a way that just makes it easier to write music.

The Right Tool for the Job

JAMDECK won't replace your piano or guitar. It's not a full-fledged digital audio workstation either. But when you're looking for inspiration, feel like experimenting, and want to make some music without spending your whole afternoon setting up a DAW, JAMDECK is the right tool for the job.

We hope you'll try the JAMDECK demo and experience a new way to write music.

Ready to jam?


Rock out with the Demo.

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